Training in Endourology

Why do an Endourology Fellowship?

We aim to bring together the very best of the available technology and innovations with the very best talents in the minimally invasive surgical care that we undertake.
We are committed to meeting the needs of our trainees and provide them the most appropriate education delivered by powerpoint presentations, didactic lectures, training on simulators and on patients by knowledgeable and compassionate doctors who are among the leaders in their respective fields and who are always around you before, during and after your stay with us.

Why World Endourology Training Institute?

The Endourology course is created and designed in a manner that after this programme, Surgeons will be able to perform all the taught surgery at their work place safely on their patients.
The USP of this training is the Real HANDS ON Training on patients which is provided to trainees at our Institute.
This is the only centre in the World who is providing Hands On Exposure to trainees on patients as the First Surgeon.This is the reason that 100% of Our Candidates are successfully reproducing these techniques at their workplace after undertaking this training.
The Videos in the Gallery and the Testimonials by the Trainee Candidates verify the above statement.

Training is of 10 days duration
During the training, candidate will be exposed to all endourological procedures of both upper and lower urinary tract with special emphasis on \”HANDS ON\” training on patients.