Endourology Training

The training and focus for fellowships are tremendously variable.
Many programmes focus heavily on laparoscopic training, while others focus more on stone disease.
For a fellow hoping to balance their experience it would be important to get exposure to a busy medical stone clinic and a skilled laparoscopic mentor.

This training focusses to train aspiring Surgeons and Urologist, to all the aspects of Endourology.
The aim of the training is to impart sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to the General Surgeons, so that they may be able to incorporate these procedures in their surgical armamentarium.
Diseases like prostate, kidney, bladder and ureteric stones are very commonly seen in routine surgical practice. Most of the surgeons are tackling these procedures through open surgical methods, which causes significant morbidity to the patient.
Once trained in Endourology, the candidate will able to do procedures like Cystoscopy, DJ stenting, DJ stent removal, removal of stones in urinary bladder endoscopically CLT, TURP for BPH, VIU for urethral strictures, URS for both lower and upper ureteric stones, PCNL for renal stones with comparative ease endoscopically.
This Training also covers the Instruments design, the relevant Endoscopic Anatomy, the complications of the procedures and how to come out of the complications.
Emphasis is given on proper case selection, Ergonomics of the Instruments and after acclimatising on simulators, the candidate has the exposure to perform the above mentioned procedure on the patients under the supervision of a Faculty/Mentor.
We also give classes on Uroflowmetry, Ultrasound in Urology and applications of Endourology in an Emergency room.