The Department of World Endourology Training Institute is dedicated to the teaching and training…


TransUrethral Surgery has been the cornerstone of Endourology. Most of urinary tract can…


TURP – Trans urethral resection of prostate, HOLEP – Holmium laser enucleation of prostate…

Welcome to World Endourology Training Institute

The mission of World Endourology Training Institute is to facilitate the development of academic and clinical excellence in endourology and minimally Invasive Surgery.

Endourology training provided by World Endourology Training Institute is focused on development of advanced knowledge, experience and technical skills in endourologic and laparoscopic and/or robotic assisted surgery, as an underlying goal is the training of future academicians and potential national and international leaders in the specialty.

The last 10 years have been very important for World Endourology Training Institute. We have experienced significant growth in the breadth, complexity, and volume of our clinical care. During this time, World Endourology Training Institute has attracted a diverse faculty who have received extensive training at some of the most acclaimed academic and clinical programs in the country. Because of our high degree of specialization and technical proficiency in applying innovative clinical care, our surgeons are able to treat the most complex of urologic conditions

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